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Automation is the buzzword quite frequently heard in the IT sector in the present days. At a time when cost optimization is taking the front seat in this highly competitive world, automation has an important role to play. Here is the significance of AnyAUT.

What is AnyAUT

At a time when many areas are being automated, “How to automate with Speed, power and ease?” is the million dollar question and AnyAUT is the only answer to this question. It is a hybrid test automation framework built by combining the power of Java and Selenium. Manual testers, developers, and end users can use this awesome test automation framework not only for reducing the time and cost of testing but for better results too.

With this lean test management tools, users can maintain test scenarios and defect reports. At the same time, they can run the test with very few clicks. It is highly user-friendly too.

AnyAUT has been developed by the test engineers and software testing training providers in iTeLearn, world’s leading software testing training providers with a track record of creating thousands of software testers across the globe.

AnyAUT, certainly can bring in a revolution in the area of software testing and hence, iTeLearn is in the spree to create more and more software testers with expertise in AnyAUT. iTeLearn offers highly professional AnyAUT certified tester training programs with this aim.

iTeLearn offers AnyAUT certified tester training online programs so that even working professionals and students pursuing other regular courses can attend the course without disturbing their present schedule. As mentioned earlier, this course is mainly aimed at creating more software testers with expertise in AnyAUT to meet the huge demand that is expected in the near future.

iTeLearn is organizing live training also on AnyAUT. When you join an AnyAUT Certified Tester Training program, you will be provided with AnyAUT videos which depict the functioning of AnyAUT step by step with the help of relevant infographics and examples. This will help you to learn this user-friendly framework with ease.

Once you have finished the course, a number of opportunities are waiting for you across the globe. There will be many chances of working remotely also. Hence, it will be a better choice to join in AnyAUT Testing Training online course today.


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