UFT/QTP Training

Unified Functional Testing or UFT which was formerly known as Quick Testing Professional or QTP, is a test automation tool for testing applications. It is widely used to test mobile applications. At times when more and more mobile applications are being developed each and every day, the need for testers is also increasing. Many professionals have come up with QTP UFT Training tutorials to produce more and more professionals in this sector.

QTP UFT Training Course

Most of the QTP UFT training courses are online courses, which will provide QTP UFT videos as study material. These videos teach you the entire process of testing using UFT. The narration will be in simple English which will be easy to understand. Apart from the narration, there will be relevant infographics to help trainees understand the subject more easily and clearly.

Apart from the study material, each trainee will be provided free access to a large community of QTP UFT experts. Here, trainees can discuss the technology and gather more information. They can clarify their doubts in the community. Besides, this community will introduce you to a good number of professionals, so that you will get timely updates about job opportunities.

Another added advantage of choosing QTP UFT training from professional trainers, is that the trainees will get a chance to work on Live Projects. Thus, in future as a part of their career the trainees will be exposed to the real-time problems that may occur while working on real projects.

By working on live projects and by solving issues and hurdles that occur, the trainees can learn the technology more thoroughly. Apart from these benefits, trainees will have another advantage, as they can mention this live project experience in their resume to give it more value.

Although the syllabus may change slightly from trainer to trainer, the core of QTP UFT training will be one and the same. Most professional trainers follow the below given syllabus

  • QTP and VBScript Fundamentals
  • QTP actions and QTP Checkpoints
  • VBScript functions, read and write from MS Excel
  • QTP Data Driven Framework 1
  • QTP Data Driven Framework 2
  • Descriptive Programming, Smart Identification, AOM
  • QTP working with dynamic applications
  • QTP error handling, recovery scenarios and environment variables
  • QTP Keyword Driven Framework 1
  • QTP Keyword Driven Framework 2
  • QTP hybrid and other frameworks
  • QTP database testing DotNet and MS word
  • FSO, strings, shell scripting, mercury device replay, recordings , virtual objects
  • QTP Interview, resume and QTP project guidance
  • QTP and QC integration

QTP Interview Questions

QTP interview related questions are a part of any QTP UFT training program and most of the professional trainers will provide the same as a part of study material. The questions will cover all aspects of QTP UFT Training right from the question on the environments, that supports of QTP to more complicated areas such as how to call from one action to another.

Usually, the trainers will provide about hundred questions as a part of the curriculum. You will get more questions and answers from the community of experts.

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