Angular JS Live Training

Core Idea: AngularJs is an Open Source JavaScript framework created and maintained by Google and a community of individual developers. AngularJs simplify Data Centric Web application development. It is used many existing web applications developed using ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, etc., We use AngularJs mainly for Web Application Development using Advanced Client Side technologies. AngularJs framework consist of core module and programmer can implement his own modules with services, filters, Route, animation, etc., AngularJs develop SPA(Single Page Application) confirtable.

Intent: Understand the Client Side Web Application Development using UI Technologies, Consume Web Services and RESTful services created using technologies like JSP, ASP.NET, NodeJsetc.,
Prerequisite: Any programming language, basics of html, javascript.
Date & Time: Paid Training : 08th May to 03rd Jun (Mon to Fri) @ 5.30-6.30PM Pacific.



  • Real time interview questions.
  • Client side Web Application Development.
  • Data binding (One Way Data Binding, One Time Data Binding, Two Way Binding).
  • In built Dependency injection mechanism.
  • Easy to create SPA(Single Page Application).
  • Built in Route module for Route (Simplified and meaningful URL)
  • Training content

    Topic Presenter Duration (in minutes)
    Introduction: Introduction to AngularJs web site Features of AngularJs: Binding framework AngularJs support MV* (MVC, MVVM, MVP) Download Angularj.min.js Using angularjs cdn sample programs Kiran Kumar  
    Angular Devices: Understand the ng- directive Available directives ng-app, ng-init, ng-bind, ng-model, etc., Kiran Kumar  
    Binding Expressions: In detail Binding expression {{ }} Difference between ng-bind and {{binding expression}} Kiran Kumar  
    QTP/HTML Introduction: Understand html tags Available HTML tags Special entities in html Kiran Kumar  
    UI designing using HTML, HTML 5 elements and Import script Kiran Kumar  
    Understand styles in web page Css introduction Types of css Inline css Internal css External css Kiran Kumar  
    Java Script (Client side scripting) Introduction - Understand client side script Advantages Kiran Kumar  
    Java Script core1 - Writing javascript? Understand the importance of javascript Inline javacript ( invoke events ) Internal javascipt External javascript Google chrome developer tools Debugging java script code Kiran Kumar  
    Java Script core2 Programming constructs - Control structures (if, switch, loops) Kiran Kumar  
    Java Script core3 Built in objects - Document object, Window object, String object and methods Math object and methods Date Object, etc., Kiran Kumar  
    Java Script core 4 Array - Javascript Array in detail Javasctip array methods ( push(), slice(), splice(), indexOf() ,etc.,) Handling JavaScript Array Collection Kiran Kumar  
    Java script core 5 Function - What is function? Simple functions, Parameterized function, Kiran Kumar  
    Passing unlimited parameters function returning Java script Advanced 1 functions - Function hoisting Differentiate global variable from local variable Function expressions (FE) Call back functions IIFE (Immediate Invoked Function Expression) Java script Closures Function inside objects Kiran Kumar  
    Java script Advanced2 Object - Understand java script objects POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Objects) in detail Kiran Kumar  
    Jquery - Introduction Understand $, jQuery Dom manipulation examples Kiran Kumar  
    Angular JS - Data Binding, ng-include & Ng-view,Angular filters, Sorting fields, POJO, Modules and controllers, Event handling, $scope, $rootScope, SPA, Angular service, User define Services, Custom directive, Reading JSON file, Reading web service, Reading Restful Services, Responsive UI Using Bootstrap. Kiran Kumar  
    NodeJS - Introduction, Nodejs introduction, Create http service, Create ExpressJs service and Consume web service. Kiran Kumar  
    Total Training Hours   25
    Total Course   25

    Training Features


    Live Training 4 to 5 weeks


    - Anyone looking for an IT job.
    - Basics of MS Office (MS Word and MS Excel)

    Ideal Trainees

    - Non IT
    - Any web developer or web designer who are into ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, etc.,

    Why learn Angular JS?

    - To develop WebApplication at Client Side.
    - Huge demand in the industry like every technology(Java, .NET, PHP) need front end application to reduce server side burden.


  • Videos $150: ($150)
  • Live+Videos $200: ($200)