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Watch the 15 minute video.

1. Referral / Affiliate Sign-up Process:

1.1: Fill in the form to join the Affiliate program:
Affiliate Sign Up form –

ITeLearn Affiliate Program
1.2: Login with the username and password you used to fill the above form. The login link is as follows:
1.3: The following screen will show up asking for the username and password.
1.4: After you login the following screen should appear:

1.5: The next page that shows up is the Welcome page

1.6: Link Generator:
The link generator allows you generate tracking links you can use in your marketing efforts so that you receive credit for leads that are generated and orders that are placed. You can quickly access any of your own tracking links by copying them from the “My Sales Websites” section

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2. How to Promote?

2.1: The link ‘’ (shown above)will take the referral to
2.2: The link ‘’(shown above) will take your referral to
2.3: The payments made by your referral through these links will be tracked automatically in the system.
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3. How to Track?
3.1: Track your commissions from the below section:

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4. How does ITeLearn make a payment?

4.1 ITeLearn will give a 10% commission on each new participant that joins. For Example: If someone joins from your link for QTP, the course fee is $350. So 10% of $350 is $35 is the commission amount.

4.2 We transfer the commission amount into Referral Partners account after it accumulates to $100.

4.3 Example, 3 paid participants from referral links amounts to reach $105 in commission.

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